Kung Fu Punctuation!


We are trying to get better with writing our sentences. One of the starter activities we do in class is called Kung Fu Punctuation. We write stories then read them to the class who do some actions when we see different kings of things like full stops, commas, question marks etc. Here are a couple of the stories children wrote- i can show you how this works at home.
Yesterday my mum gave my dad a gift card!

We went to the Esplanade.

We played on the slide, swings, flying fox and forts.

When we got to the ice cream shop we got an ice cream called pink?


Rhyming couplets about Sneetches!

Today we wrote about our Sneetches which we created for art. We hope you enjoy our crazy rhymes.Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.11.13 AM

My Sneetch will sneeze
whenever there is a breeze.
By Lily

My Sneetch loves berries
as much as he loves cherries
By Evangeline

My Sneetch drinks milk
and accidentally dropped it on some good silk
By Paige

My Sneetches brain
causes him a lot of pain
By Elisa

My Sneetches milk
tastes like silk
By Matthew

My wonderful Sneetch sneezes
while she teaches
By Tia

My Snnetch eats cheese
while he teaches some bees
Bt Jack S

My Sneetches name is Shama
She is good at drama
By Shama

My Sneetch is tall like a cat
not small like a rat
By Aylah

My Sneetch holds keys
when he eat’s cheese
By Brandon

My Sneetch is small
not tall at all
By Mareko

When it’s swirled up in a twister
my Sneetch always gets a blister
By Esther

My Sneetch sneezes
when getting his keys.
By Dylan

My Sneetch has a rat
and plays with a cat
By Vincent

My Sneetch rode on a horse
and stood on sauce
By Emily-Dora

My Sneeth
lives on a beach
By Lewis

My Sneetches sneezes
make breezes
By Sapphire

My Sneetch eats fish
when it is in a dish
By Daniel

The best Sneethch is one that lives on a beach
and likes to eat peach.
By Emily C

How to make a WAKA

Our reading group were learning to follow instructions. We broke off a dry flax stalk, cut it into 20 cms long. We joined 2 pieces together with wire. We made a sail shape and put wire around the edge. We decorate it and then taped the wire to the sail. They look amazing!!!
By Jenson, Jack, Dylan, Paige and Tia.

e-ako maths

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.32.50 PM
e-ako maths is a resource created to support students in developing a sound knowledge and understanding of place value, fractions, algebra and basic facts. Have fun following the link and exploring.

We learnt to write to Describe


My Monster has a peanut as his body. He has hairs that are far apart from the other ones. His arms stick out from the middle of the peanut. He has one round, black circle in the middle of his body. His hair is wavy.
By Evangeline.

My Monster
He is shaped like a hexagon. It’s hair at the top waves to the left side and his hairs are far apart. It’s antennae are close together. It’s arms are down low and like golf clubs. It’s hair is wavy. It has an orange background.
By Emily

Ben is a peanut shape. He has one spot, no hair and is orange. His ahnds are the same as his feet.
By Tia

He has one eye and a body shaped like a foot. His feet and arms are shaped like golf sticks. He has no hair and no antennae.
By Dylan

Lunchtime Fun

During lunchtimes many teachers offer fun activities for children to take part in. This term one of the options available is Pole tennis (swing ball).
Children-If you haven’t had a go but would like to meet by the PE shed Tuesday after you have been let go from lunch.